My 2019 Tournaments with (WTA) Women's Tennis Association

Work with WTA Tennis Tournaments 2019 (10 Tournaments)

Please email if you are unsure of working dates /dates listed I am away for

[email protected]

JANUARY ~ normal working clinic at Hassocks

FEB 13th ~ 27th Dubai

MARCH 27th ~ 10th APRIL Mexico

MAY 13th ~ 29th Rome & Strasbourg

JUNE 13th ~ 30th Birmingham & Eastbourne

JULY ~normal working clinic at Hassocks

AUG 1st ~13th Toronto

SEPTEMBER  17th September ~ 29th ~ Wuhan & Beijing China

OCTOBER  21st  Oct ~ 8th November ~ Shenzhen FINALS China

NOV & DEC ~ normal working clinic at Hassocks

Normal working hours are Monday ~ Thursdays.