Sports Massage

is perfect for you, if you are an active person. Despite the name you don't need to be physically active in sports as any gardener will tell you!

The physical aspect of working our bodies means that they need an overall management which is provided through sports massage ensuring that the muscles, ligaments and tendons are manipulated and massaged through different techniques like STR/Soft Tissue Release. Both deep and light work are done and are tailored to reach your indivual needs to positively enhance your ability to perform. The benefits of sports massage are:

Improving circulation and lymphatic flow : Sedating and stimulating nerve endings : increasing and decreasing muscle lenght : assisting in mental preparation for sporting participation : assisting in removal of metabolic waste : increase and decrease muscle tone : remodels scar tissue : in varying stages of sport massage provides : ~ maintanance of continuity for you on your programme : conditioning : Training phase recognition of muscles : inter competition : post travel : injury recovery : pre competition : post competition  and very importantly lots of injury prevention through the massage work, advise about stretching and total body care.


Picture: Soft Tissue Release (STR) in action. One of the many techniques that I use. This is an assisted movement of the upper arm elevating it laterially away from the lock created in shoulder (Teres major/Latissimus dorsi); extending the rotation under supervison and elongating the muscles with patient side lying.