Remedial Massage

provides a great support to those who find the physical demands of their daily life result in stresses and strains on their bodies.

Whether that be driving, using computer, studying, travelling, weighty work bags, heavy use of tools at work, poor posture, incorrect position of sitting at work, watching TV, poor spinal support with mattress, kneeling all day, overuse of muscles with repetition in gardening, floristry, dentistry, carpentry, mechanics, singers, musicans and the endless long days. These all result in shortened tired muscles that enable poor posture to become a normal but painful state of being.

I can work specific problem areas, the whole body or even work on a specific problem area and finish with a relaxing head massage.Treatments can be tailor made to your needs, please use the 'Contact Me' page to enquire further or to book an appointment.

sharonskneePicture of: feeling the leg, around the quadricep tendon and knee. Hearing what the patient has to say about the discomfort that they have had. Making a solid choice regarding the work is always reconsidered on every treatment. With an array of options in the work that I can do, the exercises available and the referals ... you know you are being well catered for.